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Life beyond technology, Life at Scrolls:

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Life beyond technology, Life at Scrolls:

It’s a fun ride. If you are a person who thinks keyboard and computer screen is the whole world, you will learn there is life beyond technology. This is a lively company, more than operating similar to pre-programmed languages; we seek and learn life here. When we say we are friends and family more than colleagues, we mean it’s a professional company doing serious business without exhausting our freedom to live.

“Best things come in small package”, which best suits the whole Scrolls. Each and every individual’s effort is counted here, and the team includes prospects from different backgrounds.

The mentors here will guide you well to put across your career in the right way. The structure induction program gives you the right training and guidance, helping you to outgrow and explore what is meant for you.

Even the hiring process is pretty simple and direct.

Step 1: A phone-in interview

Step 2: A face-to-face discussion at the office

Simple, the interview is done in a hassle-free way.