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Scrolls Internship Program (SIP)

It’s Scrolls own conclusion that youngsters contain a huge quantity of potential. The SIP is to nourish them in the field of analytics and make them understand the different branches of it which demands a better root in the core discipline, Analytics. Forget the lecturing; practice makes anyone in Scrolls an expert.

Ready for SIP?

Well, we are on the lookout for smart and highly motivated students who would like to join our hands and travel the way to different levels of analytics. Join the team, if you think you can make it.

Experience speaks:

  • Mittu Jayakumar

    My project experience in HR and MEP Analytics was fruitful with the guidance and support from the Scrolls Analytics team. It was an immense pleasure to get associated with such an experienced team in Analytics that very well helped me in modeling my project.
  • Paul Thomas

    I am pursuing PGDM in Cardinal Cleemis School of Management studies. Scrolls is where I earned my privilege to learn more on high-end technology (Analytics). I personally feel, it is a good platform for a fresher to learn.