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Traditional education still follows a very unscientific pattern. All that matters is the end result, are the students learning it right? Are they really successful once they complete the education? Can all students follow the same pace? Lot other questions which were unanswered before the launch of learning analytics, are jotted down:

  • How can we identify and help students individually?
  • How to make productive decisions to optimize students at risk?
  • How to get insights on key parameters defining the quality of learning process?
  • How to enhance effective decision making for teaching effectiveness?

Now the answer is, our learning analytics tool EdFutura. It’s a unique tool which provides 360° view of the institution, through transforming human factors into live analytic reports to management level, parent level and teacher level and student level who are the main stake holders of learning process.

Edfutura Learning Analytics tool increases 20% teaching time by reducing the complex manual work of teachers. Also creates report cards with zero manual work. The academic analysis platform for teachers, help them to identify and help students individually who needs extra attention. EdFutura makes every parent aware and informed of their student's academic as well as skill performance with live reports. This creative tool cuts down the stress level of parents, who are constantly worried of their child’s performance in academic and extra-curricular activities, as they are updated with time to time reports. It also helps the parents to identify where their child’s career is probing.