Analytics for all

Unlike many other technologies, one of the promising advantages of analytics is that it is industry-independent. No matter the size of your organization, each business welcome huge benefits from the world which is data-inundated. It’s a very common sight, new startups popping up within months and they tend to attract much media coverage than already established big-shot enterprises. The logic such a fashion is nothing but, small companies have a downsized and contended workflow. Their consistency in taking and delivery of work has acquired a huge impact among the multinational companies and they feel secured to sign up with them.

Even if the inclination towards the small and mid-sized companies overweighs, every other organization needs exactly or more exposure than the startups. Analytics play the role of King here. Thinking out of traditional method to analytics-line seems to be a bit unconvinced, and the real crisis gets spotted when these companies come across IT resource constraints, limited analytic talent, tight budgets and technology gaps. To the rescue, implementing analytic solutions that promote fact-based decision making can be executed in a lean organization – and the investment pays off in the end. It’s ironic when potential-analytics in any enterprise is documented and accepted undoubtedly, when it comes to execution small and mid-size companies still are reluctant to this innovative approach. The solution to this is nothing but picking up the real-life analytics accomplishments in other organizations, and generate and amend early wins to keep the attention of those who make decisions in your organization.

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